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Linda Smith

Smithlynd Equine @ Course Brook Farm


Linda Smith, instructor and trainer, has over 25 years experience working with horses and riders.  Linda’s interest in animal training began at a very young age with the family dog.  She was lucky enough to have an Aunt with horses and spent summers learning to ride bareback with a halter and lead rope, in the woods of North Carolina, until she began formal lessons at the age of 13.


She did Hunters as a Junior and made the transition to Dressage in her 20’s.  Linda has worked extensively with Lynne Kimball Davis, and has also trained with Jodi Pearson Keating and our own Stephie Baer.  She has also had the opportunity to learn from Janet Foy, Jacqui Brooks, Bill McMullin, and a myriad of other clinicians, both as a participant and an auditor.  She considers herself not only a teacher, but also a student; learning something new every day!  She continues to expand her knowledge of riding and equine behavior, training, nutrition, and health in all ways possible.


Linda is an active member of CRDA and sits on the Board of Directors.  She is passionate about bringing Dressage to all disciplines of riding, as she believes any horse going forward and over their topline is going to be a healthier and sounder athlete, as well as produce a happier rider.  She has an exceptional ability to tap into what motivates each student, and finds it immensely fulfilling to get new riders started on their journey with horses; mentoring students in the ways of good horsemanship with positive encouragement, to foster confidence in both rider and horse.


School horses are available for those who do not have a horse of their own or who are just beginning.  Linda’s safe and nurturing manner provides an excellent environment to learn riding and horse care.

Lesson Horses (and partial lease opportunities)


Blackjack, a 15-year-old, 17 hand Percheron/TB cross is a trail riding machine. This former Police horse would love it if you would take him out on the trails always and avoid the ring, although he is pretty darn fancy in the Dressage Arena! A solid Training Level horse, he is a favorite of our more advanced students, and is always looking for a treat!

Sam I Am (Avail Partial Lease)

“Sam” is a 17-year-old Quarab large pony gelding and came to us from the H/J world. He is absolutely loving the sports of Eventing & Dressage. His calm demeanor and sweet nature make him the perfect lesson pony for kids and small adults alike. He loves the trails and to jump over logs in the fields. Sam is available for a partial lease. Please inquire for details.

Leonine (Avail Partial Lease)

“Leonine” barn name “Uli”,  is a 13 year year old OTTB.  She is working on her Dressage and is an outstanding jumper.  She is teaching the more advanced riders the ropes over fences and is a very sweet girl. 

Runnin Out of Moonlight
(Avail Partial Lease)

“Shadow” is a 19-year-old Registered Quarter Horse who is a solid Training Level Dressage horse. He is our “grumpy old man” but is a kind soul who appreciates a good seat. He is used for our more advanced lessons to teach Dressage basics, but he loves to pop over a fence or too as well! Shadow is available for partial lease. Please inquire for details.

O My Roan [Leo]
(Avail Partial Lease)

“Leo” is a 13-year-old grade pony with a smooth trot and canter. Perfect for showing riders the ropes. This fun-loving guy is fabulous on trails and over fences and is available for partial lease. He has stepped in to be a camp horse for the summer, but we like him so much we might keep him year round!

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