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Boarding, Facilities, and Amenities

  • Our daily routine is followed daily, and all horses are cared for based on their needs.  Stall areas are spread out into sub-sections of 3, 4, 7, and 11 stalls, erasing any “large barn” feeling. 

  • Our full board includes daily stall cleaning, five hay feedings per day, 2-3 Nutrena grain meals per day, owner-provided supplement administration, daily turnout (weather permitting), and weather-appropriate blanket changes.


Full Board- $1,450

Winter Board- $1,500

Inquire about training board options!

Indefinite and Seasonal Board Options Available

Dedicated to Providing Superior Service and Experienced Care


Daily Stall Cleaning

Our stalls are cleaned and amply bedded, with new shavings added, daily. Water buckets are scrubbed and filled with fresh water on a daily basis as well.  Complementary salt block holders are also provided in each stall.

Check out Our Amenities

60 Acre Equestrian Facility

Course Brook Farm boasts 60 acres of pristine countryside, featuring a newly designed Preliminary track by John Williams on our USEA recognized cross-country courses and access to miles of Sherborn conservation trails right from the property.

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2 Indoor Arenas

Our sizable indoor arenas offer comfortable riding space during inclement weather, with well-managed footing and ample natural light and ventilation.

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Several Outdoor Arenas

Here at Course Brook Farm, you have your pick of an immense jump arena and THREE sand dressage rings, dragged daily!  No overcrowded outdoor riding at this facility.

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Extensive Cross Country Course

Course Brook Farm continues to reinvest in its property, expanding the courses from fields, through natural forest and rolling terrain, offering levels beginning at Pre-Elementary through Prelim. Email us to schedule a time to school!

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