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Schooling Shows

Course Brook Farm offers dressage, combined test, and horse trials schooling shows that are, first and foremost, fun and educational.


Who doesn’t love a prize or a ribbon? At our schooling shows, we have prizes for the First Place winner of each division and ribbons through 8th place. Classes and divisions are divided by Junior and Senior, as entries warrant.  The Haunting Schooling Horse Trials in October also offers a costume class for all ages and a special award.

2024 Schooling Horse Trials
Mailing address for entries and checks:

Collin Mayo

PO Box 908

Sherborn, MA 01770

Please do NOT send mail to the farm address

May 19 | Jul 21 | Oct 27


  • Pre-Elementary through Modified/Training for HTs

  • Combined tests Pre-Elementary through Prelim; and,

  • Dressage-only classes (any test that can be ridden in a small arena)

Both stadium and cross country are timed and counted towards the final score for AE, BN, N, T, and M/T levels (E and PE are not timed/counted, although a time limit may be imposed to keep the show flowing).

Schooling show runs under the rules of USEA/USEF for eventing.

Divisions run highest level to the lowest level.

Division                                    Dressage Test                                       Stadium/XC Max Heights         

Pre-Elementary (PE)                USDF 2023 Intro Test A                        SJ - 18" cross rails
                                                                                                                 XC - 18"

Elementary (E)                         USDF 2023 Intro Test C                        SJ/XC - 2'                                  

Advanced Elementary (AE)    USEA 2022 Starter Test                        SJ/XC - 2'3"

Beginner Novice (BN)             USEA 2022 BN Test A                           SJ/XC - 2'7"                              

Novice (N)                                USEA 2022 N Test A                             SJ/XC - 2'11"

Training (T)                              USEA 2022 T Test A                              SJ/XC - 3'3"                              

Modified Training (MT)           USEA 2022 Modified Test A                 SJ - 3'5",  XC - 3'3"

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