Schooling Shows

Course Brook Farm offers both dressage and horse trials schooling shows that are, first and foremost, fun and educational. But who doesn’t love a prize or a ribbon? At our schooling shows, we have prizes for the First Place winner of each division and award ribbons through 8th placed. Classes and divisions are divide by Junior and Senior, as entries warrant.  The Haunting Schooling Horse Trials in October also offers a costume class for all ages and a special trophy and award.

Schooling Horse Trials

Saturday October 31st

Offering Pre-Elementary through Modified Training.

Division                                    Dressage Test                                       Stadium/XC Max Heights         

Pre-Elementary (PE)                USDF 2019 Intro Test A                        SJ - 18" cross rails
                                                                                                                 XC - 18"

Elementary (E)                         USDF 2019 Intro Test C                        SJ/XC - 2'                                  

Advanced Elementary (AE)    USEA 2018 BN Test A                           SJ/XC - 2'3"

Beginner Novice (BN)             USEA 2018 BN Test B                           SJ/XC - 2'7"                              

Novice (N)                                USEA 2018 N Test A                             SJ/XC - 2'11"

Training (T)                              USEA 2018 T Test A                              SJ/XC - 3'3"                              

Modified Training (MT)           USEA 2018 Modified Test A                 SJ - 3'5"
                                                                                                                 XC - 3'3"

What are the Advanced Elementary (AE), Elementary (E) & Pre-Elementary (PE) course like?

  • Pre-Elementary (PE) takes place in an enclosed space and consists of 6-9 jumps, all small logg 18” and under

  • Elementary (E) takes place out on the cross country course but has no water and is primarily made up of logs with perhaps 1-2 other jump types. Elementary consists of 7-10 jumping efforts of 2’ or less.

  • Advanced Elementary (AE) has a track similar to Beginner Novice (BN) but water is an option (BN usually has a flagged water but not always) and jumps are smaller. AE consists of 7-10 jumping efforts including logs and other jumps including coops and roll tops, all 2’3” or less.

Schooling Dressage Shows 

Sunday October 25th

Offering Lead line class, USDF Intro tests, USEF and USEA classes and Prix Caprilli TOC

About the classes:

  • Sand competition and warm-up arenas.

  • All divisions are ridden together in the same class however each division (Jr, AA and Open) may be pinned separately - 1st through 6th place ribbons in each class.

  • Riders are eligible as Juniors from the beginning of the calendar year until the end of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 18.

  • Any person (Jr or Sr) who gives riding instruction and/or receives compensation for riding or training is considered a professional and, as such, is ONLY eligible for Open divisions.

  • Please check the CRDA website ( for Lead line Test and check the D4K website (dressage4kids. for the Prix Caprilli Tests. Thank you CRDA & D4K!

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