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Exceptional Resident Instructors

Lessons available in Eventing & Dressage


Stephie Baer

Lessons are available in Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping to students of all levels. Instruction is given in various formats, including private individual lessons, semi-private lessons, and clinics. Stephie is available for lessons and training rides for your horse at Course Brook Farm in Sherborn, MA. She also regularly travels to area farms for lessons, training rides, and clinics.


Erika Hawkes Hendricks

Over the years Erika has been privileged to work with some incredible mentors in a variety of disciplines.  The work she did with these accomplished equestrians is evident in her process, work ethic and commitment.  She continues her education through clinics with today's top riders.

Visiting Instructors

Jodi Pearson-Keating

Weekly dressage lessons. Ship-in lessons are welcome.

Lainey Johnson

Weekly Monday dressage lessons.

Beth DiCicco

Monthly Sunday natural horsemanship lessons on the ground or mounted.

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