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Stephie Baer

Training and Lessons Available in Eventing, Dressage, and Show Jumping


Stephie Baer has been teaching riding, training horses and competing in three day events and combined training events for over 35 years. She has trained numerous green horses, including several from green to 3 and 4 star levels.


Stephie has competed through the advanced level, including 4 star events at Burghley CIC**** (England) and Rolex Kentucky CCI****. She also has competed at Fair Hill CCI***, Thirelston Castle CIC*** (Scotland), Essex CCI**, Radnor CCI**, Bromont CCI** (Canada) and Quetero CCI** (Mexico). She has won Advanced divisions at Fair Hill, Morven Park and Southern Pines. She was short listed for the 1998 World Championships and trained with the American Team in England. She has also participated in several USET training sessions.


Along with being a working student and employee of Bruce Davidson for over four years, Stephie has also has trained with Capt. Mark Phillips, Jack LeGoff, Rick Sullivan, Lauren Stevens, Kathy Connolly, Sandy Osborne and Arlene Full. She has attended clinics with Lucinda Green, Joey Darby, Ann Kursinsky, Jane Savoy, Sandy Pflueger, Eric Horgan and Jimmy Wofford.


Lessons are given in Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping to students of all levels, novice through advanced. Students of all ages are welcome. Instruction is given in various formats, including private individual lessons, semi-private lessons, and clinics.


Additionally, Stephie has trained many young horses from green and “unbroke” status through the Advanced levels of Eventing. She is known for her understanding and handling of horses and is adept at solving problems. She has worked with many horses that seemed intransigent but have become wonderfully adaptable under her tutelage. Owners receive a frank evaluation and work with Stephie to create a training regiment, either a short tune-up or a longer program, to bring out each horse’s potential.

Visit Stephie’s Website For More Information.

Private Lessons

Boarders - $90

Ship-Ins - $100

Semi-Private Lessons

Boarders - $65

Ship-Ins - $80

Training Ride


Boarders - $90

Ship-Ins - $100

Training Ride


Boarders - $60

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